Shearer praises Hojlund’s patience.

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Alan Shearer the legendary England striker praises Manchester United striker Rasmus Hojlund for his persevering play that has been rewarded with continued good performances.

Manchester United striker scored two goals alone to help the “Red Devils” win over Luton 2-1 in the latest game, making him score goals in the league in 6 consecutive games, becoming the first player aged 21 years or younger to do so, according to Shearer. The referee also praised Hojlund’s outstanding performance, pointing out that his perseverance had finally paid off.

    “A lot of times I feel sorry for him because of his price and the difficulty he has with this United team not being able to create chances,” Shearer told Match of the Day 2.

    “But one thing that is consistent is that he gets into the right positions and isn’t afraid to make mistakes and take chances and take risks. (For the first goal) Not many players would seize that opportunity and give their all. It worked for him.”

    “This is instinct. (The team’s second goal) You only have a second to think about that. and rotate the body It was an incredible finish.” ยูฟ่าเบท

    “His hard work and bringing other people into the game. The number of passes in the final moments was outstanding. You have to be a leader when your teammates depend on you. He was unlucky not to score a hat-trick.”

    “I really like him. The shooting rate is very good. It was tough at times but he played patiently and it paid off. Both wingers cut into the middle and didn’t create any chances for him. But he never panicked and continued to dive into that position. And now he’s rewarded for that and he looks like a really good player.”