Lloris was delighted to see Ange playing fun football.

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Hugo Lloris LAFC goalkeeper of Major League Soccer, USA, is delighted with the Tottenham Hotspur team that is being led by head coach Angel Postecoglou. Very fierce and exciting I would like to wish you success from the heart of the former captain.

Lloris has been reported as not being in the plans. Tottenham Hotspur were therefore released as free agents in the year 2024 to sign in the state of California. Sign an initial contract for 1 year, plus the option to extend for another 2 years. 

Which is because he has been with Spurs since the summer of 2012, watching over 400 games, and behaving like a professional. and being a voice in the dressing room As a result, club president Daniel Levy chose to reward the 37-year-old goalkeeper with a gift of up to £2 million. 

The bond from the captain that changes to the fans Looking back, the world champion goalkeeper said that Tottenham looked good and had a future that would be very successful.

“I think today Spurs fans watch games with excitement when they play amazing football,” he told UFABET.

“Ange has made an impact on the team in a short period of time. We all want to see how far this team can go. Success is not created in just a matter of months or years. But they are going in the right direction.”  ทางเข้า ufabet

“Especially after the last 2-3 seasons we had ups and downs. Nor did they play football as fans expected. But now it’s come back. So wait and see where the team will unfold.” 

“I will remain a member of the Spurs family for the rest of my life.”  

LAFC will start the new season on 24 February against Seattle Sounders ( 25 February ) .