Klopp believes MacAllister is good enough to be a key player in midfield.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is confident in Alexis MacAllister potential and football smarts to play multiple roles in midfield when working with him. So will it be number 6, box-to-box or number 8? The world champion can.

Alexis made his name with Brighton as number #8 or sometimes as high as number #10. But at Anfield he was often used as a defensive midfielder. It was only recently that Wataru Endo returned from serving with the Japanese national team in the Asian Cup. The Argentinian player gradually stood taller. 

This leads to the question of what position is the 25-year-old best at? ‘JK’ then explained to clear up doubts that talented people must be able to play in many positions. Many roles in modern football 

“Football players, especially in this era, can play in many positions. We have no doubts about that.” Opening his mouth before the press conference to meet Luton Town (21 February).

“I have to learn as well. It’s not about my playing. But about coaching You can use different players in different positions. You must not be attached to the position of who defends and who attacks. Simply put, the striker must play defense. The defenders must also play attacking games.”

“Alexis is important to us, important from the beginning of our time together. He can play many positions. Has a brain that understands tactics which has been shown to us.”

“I don’t think he was bothered by playing like that. Or I’ve never heard him complain like that. I want to play in a higher position. We have no limits on what players can do when we have the ball. Everyone attacks. And they have to protect everyone. When we don’t have the ball.”

“There is no limit to that. Who only needs to protect? This is our understanding of football and MacAllister is a key player in that.” โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“If you were to ask that doctor in the next five years, you might be surprised: What is the position he is good at?”

The Benjapes player has scored two goals and two assists from playing 27 matches in all competitions this season. Both roles number #6 and number #8