How to play Online Fantan

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  1. Choose the amount to bet You can choose the bet amount from 10 to 100,000.
  2. Place bets in the desired field, can be place in 3 types of single numbers, two numbers or a combination of 3 numbers, then press the button to confirm bets
  3. The staff will count the buttons. By enumerating the buttons Or a row of beans. 4 per row, until the last group of buttons. How much is left? That’s the result in that round.

Fantan online payout rate

  1. single stab or numbers The payout rate is 1: 2.85
  2. two numbers bet or a combination of 2 bets, the payout rate is 1: 0.95
  3. Three numbers bet or a combination of 3 bets, the payout rate is 1: 0.3167
  4. The NIM bet is one of the favorite bets. one more draw The payout rate is 1 : 1.90
  5. Even bets, odds, payout rate, payout rate is 1: 0.95

Techniques for playing Fantan online

Teaching how to play Fantan online After learning the rules and regulations of playing ufabet together Now let’s learn a few tricks that will help increase your chances of winning. But it does not guarantee that the gambler must win every time. Because do not forget that this type of gambling game need to use luck to come and help with more force

Therefore, gamblers should adopt such techniques to modify. to make the most of

1. bet 2 numbers at a time

The ideal way This will give us a chance to win at a rate of 50/50 immediately, which, when looking at the payout rate of betting on 2 numbers, is considered not bad. to win big The chances of getting the desired results are much less. when subtracting from the rate of payment Betting on 2 numbers at a time is the most cost-effective.

2. Choose to bet 2 , 3

Playing Fantan online, there are 4 numbers to guess, namely 1,2,3,4, but the numbers have the highest chance of coming out. By measuring from statistics, it is number 2 and number 3, both of which have a chance of coming out at approximately 27 percent together. And when we combine this technique with the first one, This will give us more chances to win each round of betting games. which is very suitable for gamblers who do not like to play too risky

3. Play multiple favorites

for this technique will use a single lucky number bet method But in that round, we will bet on other favorite numbers as well. This method requires a lot of capital. And there are more risks than playing the first two. For example, playing multiple favorites is In such a round, you will bet on a single number at least 2 main numbers. The advantages of this type of betting are If you bet has been rate, the payout rate has been returned. It is much higher than the others. But if you miss a bet That means a lot of your capital will be lost as well.

4. 7th time, let’s go

For this technique, let’s look at the statistics that are issued for each round mainly by looking at the last 7 times that there are some results, which if in the above 7 times Is there any number that hasn’t come out yet? then let us choose that number next time or so if the gambler plays safely You can choose to bet on 2 numbers. From the statistics, such numbers will be issued within 3 rounds after the 7th time.

5. Exiting must escape

Up to this point, the only draw here is the result of the same number 3 times in a row. Let us switch to another player immediately. Because the opportunity to come out in a row for the 4th time is extremely rare. From statistics, it is found that this happens only 5 percent. This only increases your chances of winning.

Summary: Teaching how to play Fantan online Fantan Betting Online

Fantan Online Betting It is considered another gambling game. without hassle and can play all ages game No technique required and a lot of playing experience Like any other betting game and the reward is considered at a satisfactory level