Chelsea stunned Barca admits losing free Dembele

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Barcelona have admitted that Ousmane Dembele will leave the club at the end of June. After the French wing confirmed not to renew a new contract, of course.

Dembele has consistently turned down a new contract from Barcelona. until the end The famous Catalunya team conceded defeat. And will lose the 25-year-old wing after leaving the team. After the contract expires on June 30The story has generated a lot of enthusiasm for many ufabet clubs. 

One of them is Chelsea, the famous Premier League team. Who are ready to throw an attractive offer for Dembele to move to play at Stamford Bridge and also have the advantage of having the old boss at Borussia Dortmund tho Mus Tuchel in charge.

For Dembele, who joined Barcelona from Dortmund in 2017 for a huge fee of 105 million euros, plus conditional bonuses that will increase to 145 million euros on a five-year, half-year contract. this decade France National Team Wings Consistently creating disappointment Both injuries, fitness conditions and discipline have been troubled many times.

Dembele returned to form for Xavi Hernandez’s side at the end of the 2021-22 season. But has disappointed everyone as usual. When confirming the old word is to reject the new contract. thus becoming one of Barcelona’s failed signings.